Reading BI

The goal of Level BI is for students to learn how to identify the subject and predicate, how to use a range of tenses, and how to use modifiers. Students will also develop their skills in making sentences including modifiers.

● Level BI Goals:

  • Identify subjects and predicates

  • Learn to use a range of tenses to specify when events happen

  • Learn the relationship between modifiers and modified words in sentences

  • Learn the basic functions and positions of adjectives & adverbs

  • Make statements to strengthen their understanding of subject-predicate, tenses, and modifiers

  • Practice key vocabulary

● Good Work Skills in this level include:

  • Reading directions and examples carefully

  • Reading passages for comprehension

  • Being able to remember and completely write the correct answer or sentence

  • Writing neatly within the box or line provided

  • Writing the same size as the words on the page

  • Re-reading answers to verify they are correct

  • Ability to correct easily and independently (don’t forget to grade every day!)

● Time Goal:

  • 2-3 minutes per page

  • The study time goal is 15-20 minutes per day

  • Your Instructor will continually adjust the pages to adhere to this goal

● Grading Reminders:

  • Students must be able to learn from their mistakes daily

  • Take the time to grade and let them find and correct their own errors independently

  • Students can use what they have learned and apply it to the next day’s assignment allowing them to move smoothly and independently through the assignments.

Reading BI - Recommended Reading List

1 - Curious George Takes a Job (H.A. Rey)

2 - A Chair for My Mother (Vera B. Williams)

3 - Where the Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak)

4 - Arthur’s Pen Pal (Lillian Hoban)

5 - The Golly Sisters Go West (Betsy Byars)

6 - The Gardener (Sarah Stewart)

7 - Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (Dr. Seuss)

8 - Lon Po Po (Ed Young)

9 - There’s a Nightmare in My Closet (Mercer Mayer)

10 - One of Each (Mary Ann Hoberman)

11 - Corduroy (Don Freeman)

12 - Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs (Tomie dePaola)

13 - Doctor De Soto (William Steig)

14 - The Mitten (Alvin Tresselt)

15 - The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Spring (Lucille Clifton)