Reading 3A

The goal of Level 3A is for students to say aloud sentences with multisyllabic words, say aloud words containing 3A sound parts, to copy words neatly, and to learn over 1200 vocabulary words (cumulative).

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Reading 3A - DO'S AND DON'TS


Let your child write their name, date, start time and end time on the 1st page only.

Read the directions aloud to your child.

Always read “Attention Parents” Notes on the 1st page of every set.

Begin immediately after writing the start time.

Make sure your child copies and writes the letters neatly with correct stroke order and the writing fits in the spaces given.

Encourage your child to write the words all at once and not letter by letter.

Always have your child say the focus sounds aloud as he/she traces the letters.

Always have your child say words and sentences aloud.

If your child doesn’t know a word, help him/her sound out by pointing to the focus sounds that he/she can already sound out.

Praise your child after he/she reads the works or sentences aloud.

Praise your child when he/she has completed all the worksheets.


Ask your child to say the focus sounds that are not the focus of the worksheet set.

Cover the pictures and ask your child to read the words.

Use the worksheets to teach another language.

Encourage your child to complete the worksheet without saying the focus sounds, words and sentences.

Reading 3A - Recommended Reading List

1 - A My Name is Alice (Jane Bayer)

2 - Each Orange Had Eight Slices: A Counting Book (Paul Giganti Jr.)

3 - Sea Squares (Joy N. Hulme)

4 - Bread and Jam for Frances (Russell Hoban)

5 - Little Bear Else (Holmelund Minarik)

6 - Lyle, Lyle Crocodile (Bernard Waber)

7 - Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (Virginia Lee Burton)

8 - Ming Lo Moves the Mountain (Arnold Lobel)

9 - Strega Nona (Tomie dePaola)

10 - Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (William Steig)

11 - The Story of Babar : the Little Elephant (Jean de Brunhoff)

12 - The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter)

13 - A Giraffe and a Half (Shel Silverstein)

14 - Horton Hatches the Egg (Dr. Seuss)

15 - Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present (Charlotte Zolotow)

16 - One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale (Demi)

17 - Six-Dinner Sid (Inga Moore)

18 - The Salamander Room (Anne Mazer)

19 - Umbrella (Taro Yashima)

20 - Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain (Verna Aardema)